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Supporting thriving communities

#Group News
As well as setting science-based targets to achieve net zero and supporting the transition to sustainable retail, our Better Places plan outlines our ambition to help foster thriving communities wherever we operate.

This is a commitment to put people at the heart of what we do, bolstering economic and social vitality for local communities, and driving a sustainable and impact-oriented company culture.

Our people-centric destinations help to regenerate urban districts and have a tremendously positive impact on how their surrounding communities live. Whether by regenerating industrial land in the heart of a city or by attracting investment to an existing commercial area, our projects create thousands of direct and indirect jobs, bringing new life and economic vigour to the city. We also actively work on maximising our impact by developing meaningful community projects and partnerships that support jobs, offer training, promote social inclusion, and increase access to health and culture.

As part of our targets, we commit to support 15,000 people every year through training, social inclusion and employment opportunities.

Maximising our positive environmental, economic and social impact relies on our capacity to nurture a diverse, skilled and engaged community of employees able to lead sustainable change. To achieve this, we provide sustainability training, maintain a uniting culture that integrates sustainability objectives, and promote meaningful community volunteering experiences.

As part of our targets, at least 95% of our own workforce will receive annual sustainability training, at least 40% of our senior management positions will continue to be held by women and, by 2025, more than 80% of our employees will be involved in community volunteering projects.

📺 Watch Scott Parsons, Aigline de Ginestous, Alyson Hodkinson and Cristi Karandikar discuss our commitment to thriving communities.